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How to properly choose the steel grid plate and extend the service life of the steel grid plate

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    As an important building material products, the domestic demand is increasing. Customers in the purchase of steel grid, but also want to buy the steel grid products can be strong and durable. The longer the service life of the steel grid plate, the lower the cost of the customer. So how to extend the life of the steel grid has become a very important issue. In order to effectively extend the life of the steel grid needs to pay attention to several aspects:

    In the choice of materials, in strict accordance with the design of the load selection of the steel grid plate material, the thickness of 4mm Flat Steel cannot be replaced by flat 3.5mm thickness, if excessive use of on board to make the steel plate, will only dull steel plate deformation in bending load under the condition of long-term overload and even rupture.

    In the welding, the steel grid plate and flat steel twist in the welding time must be full of welding, there shall be no gap, if there is a large range of float welding of steel lattice plate life that will not last long.

    In galvanized, to do enough anti-corrosion work, pickling before pickling to complete, can not have residual iron oxide, or zinc plating can not guarantee that the zinc layer can be fully adhered to the surface of the steel grid. To ensure the temperature and heat galvanized zinc layer is enough, not too thin (the effect of antiseptic life) not too thick (if the surface of zinc layer is too thick will fall). Late maintenance is also very important, to regularly clean up the surface of the steel grid plate residual strong corrosive substances.

    Fully achieve the above points, you can guarantee the life of the steel grid to the maximum effect of the extension.

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