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【Anti slip steel grid plate Encyclopedia】

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Product Name: non slip steel grid plate

Non slip steel grid plate is a kind of steel grid. The difference between the steel plate with flat steel lattice plate is the largest flat by his tooth flat form, so that he has a good anti-skid capability. Is mainly used in the wet, slippery place or is a product of high altitude platform above. Play a non slip role.

Serrated steel grid plate with high strength carbon steel, so that the steel grid has a high strength: strength and toughness is much higher than cast iron, can be used for terminal, airport and other large span and heavy load environment. This product has a large mesh has the best drainage: Water Leakage area of 83.3%, is two times more than the cast iron. Product appearance: concise lines, silvery appearance, modern ideas, material saving, saving investment: large span, heavy load, low price than iron; and can save iron because the stolencrushed replacement cost.

Steel plate with international advanced high-power programmable piezoresistive welder manufacturing, the bar will be arranged according to a certain distance (Fang Gang twist) longitudinal bar into the side of the (Bian Gang), a solid solder joint, plate, steel grid plate plate surface is a rectangular hole. Vertical load, longitudinal bar has the function of connection, a representative of the grating length, the width of the bar represents steel plate. Steel plate according to the surface load of flat steel is divided into planar type and tooth type. According to the specification, flat steel spacing and twisted steel spacing, can form a variety of different protection, such as paint, hot dip galvanized.

Lattice steel plate used in metallurgy, building materials, power plant, boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, chemical and general industrial buildings, municipal construction and other industries, with ventilation and light, skid resistance, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, according to the advantages of simple. Steel plate in the industry is mainly used for industrial platform, handrail, stair treads, channel floor, railway bridge side road, high altitude platforms, drainage ditch cover, manhole cover, road fence, parking lot, offices, schools, factories, enterprises and institutions, sports field, Les Loges Du Park Hotel fence, outside the window, can also be used as a bed the balcony guardrail, highway, railway guardrail etc.

Steel grid plate packaging, usually in bulk or bundled with a bale, which is mainly based on the customer's situation, if the goods are not many, there is no need to use a forklift truck loading and unloading, generally more convenient bulk. On the other hand, the goods more, the forklift handling general packing will be more convenient, in short, everything for the sake of convenience, not for protection products incurred in transit cargo.

Steel plate weight refers to the edge and surface treatment (excluding non surface treatment) after the theoretical weight. Because wrapping opening and cut the actual weight and weight are different, there will be differences in theory. In the calculation of the weight of the steel grid plate of the industrial platform and the settlement of the steel grid plate, the theoretical weight is the basis of the unified theory. For steel plate steel plate less than 1 meters in length or the need for special such as trench cover wrapping, wrapping plate due to increased, with increasing weight. With the flat edge, the length of steel plate is not less than 1 meters, the calculation theory of steel plate weight according to the following formula: Wt= (b1t1N1+b2t2N2+2b3t3) P * 10-6 (1): Wt - type steel plate weight, in kilograms per square meter (kg/m2 T1) - bearing flat steel width in millimeters (mm) B1; - bearing flat steel thickness in millimeters (mm; N1) - per meter of steel plate bearing flat steel bar; T2 - bar width in millimeters (mm); B2 - bar thickness in millimeters (mm; N2) - per meter of steel plate in the bar number; T3 flat steel - edge width in millimeters (mm); b3-- - flat steel thickness, in millimeters (mm); P - material density, units of kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3); steel density is calculated by the 7850kg/m3 surface treatment; weight coefficient; hot dip weight calculated by 1.06.

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