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The difference between hot dip galvanized and galvanized steel sheet

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     Cold galvanizing also called electro galvanized, it is the use of electrolytic equipment the workpiece after removing oil, after pickling solution into the composition of the zinc salt, and a negative electrode connecting the electrolysis equipment; switch on the power of the workpiece on the opposite zinc plate is connected with the cathode electrolysis equipment, thus, the use of electric current from the anode to the directional movement negative, thus depositing a layer of zinc on the workpiece.

     Hot dip galvanizing, is the workpiece in addition to oil, pickling, dipping, drying after dipping into the molten zinc liquid in a certain period of time, put forward to.

     Galvanized steel case: the difference between the process: hot galvanized steel surface is not cold and bright, but the thickness of the zinc coating on galvanized steel is a few times. Corrosion resistance is also a few times the performance of galvanized.


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