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Why the steel grid corrosion?

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        Some steel grid plate, in particular, without galvanized steel grid plate, in the use of corrosive condition. Without the appearance of the steel grid plate, the surface of the steel grid plate there will be a layer of water film, water can dissolve oxygen, water and oxygen to make iron ionization. And the oxygen in the air is dissolved in water, and the reaction is carried on. Because the main product of the reaction is Fe3O4 red, so the product is usually called iron oxide red rust". Red rust is loose, easy to dissolve, difficult to maintain the appearance of steel does not continue to corrosion, so the corrosion of iron and steel has been carried out until completely corroded stop. Because of this, in the iron and steel necessary with other metal or non metal coating appearance maintenance layer, useful to avoid corrosion of steel.

        Steel plate can also called steel grating, because the area is not the same, the service life of the steel plate are not the same, the appearance of hot galvanized steel plate can play anti-corrosion effect, and can be used in special circumstances, can also extend the use life of steel plate. Steel grid plate in hot dip galvanized, usually used in the outdoor use of life in 10 years, if the room can be used more than 30 years.

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