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Advantages and disadvantages of hot dip galvanized steel grid

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      The manufacturing process of hot dip galvanized steel grating plate is divided into two kinds, one is a manual welding, pressure welding machine is, they have advantages, each one has his good points according to the customer's specific choice, or demand choice. What are the two kinds of it?

      The first artificial welding, which is used in the process of steel grating plate production manual welding, such as welding is characterized by flexible and firm, and the solder joint clear. The problem is not the appearance of the appearance of the machine pressure welding, but the price is more affordable.

      The second is the machine pressure welding, machine pressure welding is characterized by beautiful appearance, strong welding, solid solder joints, high stability and strength of the high quality steel grating. The price is slightly higher than the price of manual welding, but it can be ignored for its advantages.

      The advantages and disadvantages of the hot dip galvanized steel grating plate in manufacturing process have been introduced, the customers can choose different products according to different needs, characteristics, use environment and so on.


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