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Platform board series


Steel grating installation clamp

The advantages of steel grating

Type A: on the plate by a small double, a toothed plate and a M10 (or M8) of the inner six angle bolt.

The B type: on the plate by a small double raceway (one hook can be two pieces of steel plate including adjacent together with a tooth)

Type C: a block with the double clamp and a welding on the support member (M10 or M8) of the inner six angle bolt.


Installation method

The advantages of steel grating

Installation method: spot welding: welding method for the steel grid plate and its supporting components to provide the most robust and reliable permanent contact.

The mounting clip fixed by mounting fixture has convenient disassembly and does not destroy the zinc layer characteristics, each plate should be used at least four sets of fixed installation, the larger of the plate in the best supporting material available on the installation of several.

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